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Where investors meet
Northern California
May 13-15, 2024
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What is camp hustle?


Camp Hustle is where investors meet. Join 150+ angels, VCs, emerging fund managers, LPs, and family offices for three days of meaningful connections and pure fun.

You’ll hear from outrageously successful founders with 100s of millions in revenue.

You’ll deep dive with small groups into topics like investing in AI, fundraising for your fund, increasing your dealflow, launching a syndicate, going from Fund I to Fund II, and so much more.

You’ll have many opportunities to forge genuine connections with fund managers, brilliant angel investors, and truly kind LPs.

You’ll have an opportunity to pitch your fund in front of the whole audience, and hear how other VCs are positioning their funds.

Leave your ego, grab your pack, and load out… Camp Hustle awaits!

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Who You'll Meet

At Camp Hustle, you’ll meet a variety of Angel Investors, VCs, Emerging Fund Managers, and LPs.

In 2023 the audience was roughly:

  • 28% angel investors
  • 36% GPs
  • 36% LPs

Here are some of the organizations that have been represented at Camp Hustle:

1517 Fund
Afore Capital
Atento Capital

Buckaroo Banzai Investments
Cerulean Ventures
Darwin Ventures
Draper U Ventures
Eudemian Ventures
Evergreen Circus
Family VC

First Republic
Forward Deployed VC
GoingVC Partners
HealthCap Africa Limited
Magic Ventures

Maven Ventures
Mendota Venture Capital
Menlo Pacific Capital
Mentors Fund
MFV Partners
One Way Ventures

Overton Venture Capital
Pachamama Ventures
Petty Group
Platanus Ventures
Plucky Ventures
Precursor Ventures
Renegade Capital
Riot Games

Sidecut Ventures
Structure Capital
The Council Fund
Uncharted Capital
Urbanist Ventures
Z Venture Capital

Get More LPs

If you’re an emerging fund manager looking to grow your LP base, Camp Hustle is the event for you.

Sign up for the “Pitch Your Fund” event, join the “How to fundraise for your fund” breakout session, and connect with the many LPs who attend.

Tickets for Camp Hustle 2024 are on sale now!

>> Pre-Sale: $999
>> Early Bird: $1299
>> General Admission: $1599
>> You’re Late: $2099
>> Last Minute: $2499

>> Groups of 3+: $999 per person
Photo from Camp Hustle 2023

Where is it?

Camp Hustle takes place in a magical forest setting in the hills of Saratoga, CA. Although it’s just a 25-minute drive from the San Jose airport, being in Camp Hustle is like being transported to an oasis.

The Schedule

Happy Hour: Meet the Squad
Join the incredible Angel Squad community for a happy hour to kick off the Camp Hustle festivities. Angel Squad members make up about 30% of the Camp Hustle crowd, and they come from all over the globe. Come meet some of these incredible humans and see for yourself the magic of the Squad.
LP + Speaker Dinner
LPs and Camp Hustle speakers are invited to an exclusive dinner hosted by Hustle Fund Scale. Join Jamie Melzer, Eric Bahn, Elizabeth Yin, and Shiyan Koh for a casual and delicious meal with a subset of the Camp Hustle community.
Welcome Reception
Whether you live in the area or just got off the plane, join the entire Camp Hustle community as we kick off an incredible week. This is your chance to start forming the connections that make Camp Hustle so special.
Choose your adventure: Coffee Chats or Hike
Pick from one of two morning activities: Option 1: Group discussion on topics like family offices and investing in AI. Option 2: short hike in the hills of Los Gatos. You'll shake out the cobwebs while connecting 1-1 with other guests.
Lunch & Bocce Ball
Connect with other Camp Hustle guests over a low-key happy hour and bocce. We'll have a big ole buffet of food, drinks, and all the Camp Hustle friends you can imagine.
Camp Hustle Dinner
Group dinner at a major tech hub. Enjoy drinks and bites while meeting innovative founders.
Shuttle departs for Camp Hustle
Shuttle departs for Camp Hustle
If you're taking the shuttle, this one's for you. Shuttle will pick up from the hotel in Los Gatos and depart promptly at 10:30am.
Welcome to Camp Hustle!
Welcome to Camp Hustle!
Welcome to Camp Hustle! Once you check in, grab some brunch and start finding your people. Don't worry - we make this super easy.
Bonfire Sessions
Bonfire Sessions
Camp Hustle is famous for its bonfire sessions – small group discussions where we dive deep into niche topics. Check back soon to see which options you can choose from, and which subject-matter expert is leading the chat.
12:30 - 2:00pm
Group lunch
Group lunch
Group lunch
2:00 - 4:00pm
Camp Hustle Fun
Camp Hustle Fun
Camp Hustle Fun! Speakers, breakouts, and socializing
Pitch Your Fund event
Pitch Your Fund event
Pitch Your Fund event
5:00 - 8:30pm
Happy Hour + Dinner
Happy Hour + Dinner
Happy Hour + Dinner
See you next year!
See you next year!
See you next year!

Is it worth my time?

If you are looking to grow your investor network, meet emerging fund managers, meet angel investors, connect with LPs, grow your dealflow, learn from brilliant operators and investors… then yes. This event is worth your time.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what past attendees had to say:

“AMAZING event. The caliber of attendees and quality of programming? Just wow. It was the best way I could have spent my time, and truly an oasis for investors. 10/10”
“I'm really really picky about what investor events I participate in, and Camp Hustle is now high on the list.”
“As an investor, the event had a high calibre of attendees and great quality programming that was very informative. Truly valuable for an investor looking to build a network.”


Who is Hustlers’ Retreat for?

We designed this event for executive teams and co-founders who need to make big, critical decisions about their startup’s future. This would be the ideal opportunity to take a breath, reset, and think strategically about what’s next.

Anyone can join, but the sweet spot is for pre-series-A cos. You have a live product and a team. You’re making at least 6 figures/yr w a path to 7 figures/yr next yr.

Why can’t I just strategize with my team in our garage?

You totally can. There are lots of great information out there online. But come on, who wants to be on Zoom all day after 2.5 years of the pandemic?

Research shows that changing your environment changes the way you think and feel. Being surrounded by nature, connecting IRL, and creating small + big memories together is an experience that can’t be replaced with a grinding work session in your garage.

Plus, our team is world-class at producing excellent events. We’re confident you’re going to love your experience.

Why can’t I just plan my own team offsite?

You totally can! This means booking the venue, providing food, planning the agenda + 100s of other logistical items. Hustlers’ Retreat takes care of all the organization AND provides programming, community, + an arguably more beautiful venue at a similar (or less) cost than if you were to do it on your own.

Plus the Hustle Fund GPs and team members will be there to facilitate sessions and directly help the teams all week. 🙂

How many people will be at Hustlers’ Retreat?

We want to keep the group large enough for diversity of thought and small enough to feel safe and intimate. That’s why we capped this event at 100 people max.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you're unable to make it to Hustlers' Retreat, you can use your ticket as credit for next year's event. Or you can transfer your ticket to someone else. Please let Tam know as soon as possible if you'd like to make changes to your tickets at

Will there be time for my team to work independently?

Yes! We’ve allotted time every day for your team to gather to discuss ideas and co-work together.

Will meals be provided? What if I have food restrictions?

Yes, the food is 💣. The cooks make high-quality meals with the freshest ingredients available. When possible, they use local organic produce, some of which is grown on-site. All desserts and salad dressings are made fresh or from scratch. Vegetarian and necessary dietary restrictions are all welcome!

Where would our team stay?

We strongly recommend booking your lodging onsite where we are holding the retreat to maximize your experience. However, you can also just buy a day pass and book accommodations elsewhere.

What other expenses will I occur?

The only thing you need to worry about is paying for transportation from the airport. Everything else is taken care of once you're at Hustlers' Retreat. 😊

*If you have the day pass, you'll be responsible for your own lodging.

I’m still on the fence… 😅

Here's another way to think about this: What's the downside?

You probably need to recharge and regroup with your team anyways. If you were already planning on doing a team retreat, Hustlers’ Retreat will lead you through the entire experience.

Our venue is in beautiful Sonoma County. You’ll be with your team and other amazing founders. There will be also be wine tastings in the evenings. 🍷

So in the worst case scenario, you’re in a beautiful place spending quality time with your team. But our hope is that you come out with a much clearer list of priorities and great mental models to scale your business.


Dear hustler,

We’ve worked with 1000+ early-stage startups in addition to building our own businesses. And we know how difficult it can be to go from individual contributor to scaling a business.

You’re constantly putting out fires. You feel like you’re drowning in busy work. You always feel behind.

When founders are so overwhelmed, they all face the same problem: They spend too much time working in the business and very little time working on the business.

Founders don’t have time to think strategically about what’s actually important. Things like:

  1. Getting the leadership team aligned on the company’s biggest priorities
  2. Creating a company operating system to get your entire team flying in formation
  3. Documenting key processes to make life easier for everyone on your team
  4. Onboarding new employees and setting them up for success
  5. Learning to get better leverage on your time

It’s impossible to think deeply about all these crucial areas of your business when everything feels like it’s being held together with duct tape.

This is why we created Hustlers’ Retreat, an experience to help exec teams get out of the daily chaos and find alignment on what matters most.

It’s an opportunity for you and your team to slow down and think strategically. To pause working in the business and actually start working on the business.

You’ll learn from founders who’ve been there before. You’ll connect with startups in the same boat as you.

Most importantly, you and your team will walk away feeling recharged, aligned, and energized to tackle the next chapter of your business.

When we see our portcos get clear on their goals and systemized in how they operate, their growth naturally skyrockets.

Trust us. Taking time to focus on these areas now will save you tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours down the line.

If you’re at a key inflection point in your startup and want to think strategically about your startup’s future, we designed Hustlers’ Retreat just for you.

We hope to see you there.

Eric, Elizabeth, Shiyan — Hustle Fund General Partners